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Our Safety Pledge & Product Recalls

Nothing is more important to us at Baby Trend than the safety of your child. Many of us working here are parents ourselves, and we understand that you are putting your trust in our hands when you purchase our products to carry your little one. For 26 years, we have designed each of our products first and foremost with safety in mind, and we have applied strenuous testing procedures and thorough quality inspection processes to make sure only the safest products reach the store shelves.

While we strive for perfection, there have been occasions when we have had to recall a product in order to make improvements, or to modify a product to abide by the latest safety standards. We work closely with Consumer Safety Product Commission (CPSC) on any and all reported incidences where our product was involved. When you register your product on our website or through the prepaid registration card, it allows us to quickly contact you should there be any concerns with what you have purchased.

If at any point you have any questions regarding the safety of our products, or if you’d simply like some additional information, do contact us directly or visit the following websites:
Consumer Product Safety Commission
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

Here at Baby Trend, we are committed to the quality of our products will continue to work towards the highest level of safety standards!

TrendZ FastBack 3-in-1 Car Seat
At Baby Trend safety is our number one priority and we design, engineer, and test all Baby Trend products with that in mind. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) determined, through its own investigation, that certain AmSafe Signature, QT harness buckles on some Graco car seats, when engaged, may not easily unlatch. Based on the NHTSA investigation and because we stand by our number one priority of safety, Baby Trend is voluntarily recalling similar buckles used on the TrendZ Fastback 3-in-1 car seat. 

Only the following two Models are involved:

TrendZ Fastback 3-in-1 Car Seat by Baby Trend
Models: FB60070 & FB60408
These seats were produced between 10/2011-7/2013

As noted, these two select models use a harness crotch buckle which may become resistant to unlatching over time, due to exposure to various contaminants (like food and drinks) that are present in everyday use of the car seat. This condition may make it difficult to remove a child from the vehicle. There is no such risk if the buckle is functioning normally. These car seats meet all requirements for crash safety under the federal FMVSS 213 safety standard. If you are not experiencing difficulty unlatching the buckle, you can continue to use the seat to safely transport your child.

Most importantly, Baby Trend has received zero reports of injuries to children in connection with the use of this buckle on the seats that are subject to this recall.

Baby Trend is providing customers who own the TrendZ Fastback 3-in-1 Car Seat (Models: FB60070 & FB60408) a remedy kit, free of charge. The remedy kit includes a replacement buckle and instructions on how to install the new buckle. The remedy kit can be ordered by calling Baby Trend customer service at 1-800-328-7363 and will start to ship the week of May 12th.  Please do not return the car seats to retailers. If you are experiencing difficulty unlatching your buckle before your remedy kit arrives, cleaning the buckle should alleviate any difficulty. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience or concern this matter has caused you and your family.

Baby Trend is conducting this voluntary recall in coordination with the U.S National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (“NHTSA”).

April showers bring May…babies! With gender reveal parties increasing in popularity, why not plan a fun way to spill the news? Whether you’d like to host a fun affair for couples, families, and friends or are looking for a creative scene for a photo be sure to enjoy this joyful moment.  

Here’s some inspiration to get your creative juices flowing!

What was the most creative gender reveal you’ve seen? Share with us on Facebook or Twitter!

St. Patrick’s Day Kid Friendly Recipes

Although St. Patrick’s Day has come and gone, there’s no reason to not keep the green alive with your cookin’! From dressing in green to decorating the home in shades of emerald, you can take your St. Patrick’s Day celebrations one step further in the kitchen. Enjoy some green, kid-friendly recipes that you and your family will love making. 




What will you make with your kids? Share with us on Facebook and Twitter!


Kids are naturally curious, so why not make learning fun! When first helping your child develop language skills, the relationship between sound and objects should be introduced. Referred to as “learning to listen sounds”, these sounds combine related sounds with the objects (i.e. “moo” with a cow). Once a few of these are incorporated, you can introduce auditory recall games.

Here are a few games courtesy of

Plop It in the Water

For this game, you’ll need a small glass bowl (about half full of water), small plastic toys that represent the Learning to Listen Sounds, and a towel- because if your child is anything like mine you’re in for a big splash.

To play, say a sound and have your child pick out the matching toy. When he picks the correct toy, let him drop it into the water. Continue until he gets all the sounds right.

As an alternative, you can use picture cards and marbles instead of toys. Just have your child point to the correct card and let him plop a marble into the water.

Another game to play utilizing Learning to Listen sounds is to show your child a toy and have them make the corresponding sound. Show your child a cow and have them say “moo.” Show them a car and have them say “brrr beep beep.” Point to the clock and have them say “tick tock.”

Follow the Directions

To teach the concept of place, have your child follow simple directions using words like “over” and “under,” “in” and “out,” “in front of” and “behind,” “beside” and “next to,” “on top of” and “above,” “between” and “in the middle of,” and “on” and “in.”

For example, tell your child, “Put the book on top of the table.”

“Take your doll and put her in front of the radio.”

“Put your race car under the chair beside the door.”

You can also switch roles and have your child tell you what to do, but make sure to occasionally mess up and have them correct you. For instance, when your child says, “Put the car under the box,” put it on top of the box, feign ignorance and let them tell you the right way to do it. My daughter loves to correct me when I don’t follow her directions, and it is good language practice.

Here is another game courtesy of

Get Bubbly

Babies can’t help but be attracted to the movement of bubbles. They also love to see them pop.

Age: 6 to 18 months
Equipment: Soap bubbles - store-bought or homemade

Benefits: Encourages baby to practice some of the earliest consonant sounds - P, B and M - and to breathe more deeply.

How to play

As you blow the bubbles, talk about what’s happening by repeating the words “up,” “pop,” “bubbles” and “more” in short phrases. (“Bubbles go up, up, up! Let’s pop them. Pop, pop! Look - bubbles! Do you want more bubbles? Yes! More bubbles!”) This game also encourages your baby to point to the bubbles and reach up to touch them. That helps open up her rib cage and in turn encourages deeper breathing and increased vocalization.

How do you practice language skills with your child? Share with us on Facebook and Twitter!

The feeling of spring may take longer to arrive thanks to the polar vortex, but that doesn’t mean expecting mothers can’t look calm, cute, and cozy. As the weather hopefully warms up, here are some maternity fashion trends to take you from winter to spring!

Winter Weather Fashion

Cold weather doesn’t mean you have to give fashion sense the cold shoulder. Winter trends like jersey knit dresses paired with a cute belt or a simple long-sleeve shirt with a statement necklace takes your outfit from cozy to chic in a snap. If simple is your style, throw on a t-shirt with jeans and add a pop of color with a circle scarf to keep you warm and in style!


Spring Into Spring

Spring maternity fashion means flowy dresses, colorful prints, and an all-around wardrobe of fun! Hopefully these pieces will inspire you to bloom into spring fashion with some fun staples.


What is your maternity fashion staple? Share with us on Facebook and Twitter!

Top Products of February

Baby Trend Hybrid No Back Booster Car Seat - Hello Kitty

Seat your growing child comfortably and happily in the Baby Trend Hybrid No Back Booster Car Seat -Hello Kitty. This seat is great for your big kid from 40-100 lbs. The Hello kitty fabric cushioned seat includes padded arm rest for extra comfort and two molded cup/snack holders.

Baby Trend Hybrid 3-in-1 Car Seat - Rumba

Hybrid-3-in-1 car seat is a great economic alternative for parents looking for the ultimate multi-functional car seat. With three stages, built-in harness, booster and backless booster seat, this seat adjusts as your child grows. Featuring 6-position head support and 5-point safety harness, this seat provides comfort, safety and convenience. This seat has a maximum weight capacity of 100 pounds and height of 57 inches.

Baby Trend Contour Travel System Stroller - Moonlight

The Baby Trend Contour Travel System Stroller in Moonlight lets your child stroll securely with the adjustable 5-point safety harness. The adjustable canopy has a peek-a-boo window for easy monitoring, and the multi-position seat reclines to provide your child with a comfortable fit. The parent tray features 2 cup holders and covered compartment storage. An extra-large basket offers convenient storage underneath the stroller. It comes with the Baby Trend EZ Flex-Loc infant car seat. When you’re done with your stroll, simply use the one-hand fold mechanism to fold the stroller to a compact unit. 

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or parents looking for the ultimate multi-functional car seat. With three stages, built-in harness, booster and backless booster seat this seat adjusts as your child grows. Featuring 6-position head support and 5-point safety harness, this seat provides comfort, safety and convenience. This seat has a maximum weight capacity of 100 pound and height of 57 inches.

Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating love for your family, significant others and friends. With that said, enjoy it any time of year, not just V-day! Here are some fun recipes to spend time with your wee ones at home baking something special for you and fun for them!

What do you like to cook with your kids? Share with us on Facebook and Twitter!

Create Fun “musical instruments” Using Things From Around the Home

Creative activities can be the go-to and easy solutions for days stuck at home, or when your children have simply exhausted themselves of fun activities. When you feel like relaxing at home with your family, consider these developmental activities that spur creativity and bring music to every room.

Keep children busy and entertained by making musical instruments to play with using things already lying around your house! Here is some makeshift musical instrument how-to’s to get you started or inspire something new!

Coffee Can Drum c/o of familyeducation


  • Empty coffee can with 2 plastic lids
  • Contact paper or your child’s artwork
  • Glue
  • Pencil
  • Empty thread spool


  1. Cut out the bottom of a coffee can and cover the can with contact paper, or let your child draw a picture on some paper and glue it around the can.
  2. Glue plastic lids on each end of the can.
  3. Create a drumstick by gluing the lead end of a pencil into the hole of an empty thread spool.
  4. For a variation, an empty paper towel and an empty oatmeal box will make a soft but authentic drum for your toddler.

Cork Drumsticks c/o


  • 2 pieces of cylindrical cork
  • 2 wooden or bamboo chopsticks
  • Glue


  1. With a sharp pencil, start a hole in the center of one side of each cork.
  2. Finish the hole with one of the chop sticks.
  3. Fill the hole with a small amount of glue and insert the chop sticks, allowing to dry before use.

Jingle Toes c/o familyeducation


  • Needle and thread
  • Elastic
  • 4 to 6 jingle bells


  1. Your toddler will love to move when motivated by the sound of a jingle bell. Sew 2 or 3 bells onto a strip of elastic that will fit comfortably around each ankle.
  2. Your toddler will experiment with the sounds as they move about and up and down.
  3. Store the bells out of reach.
  4. Examine with each use to make sure they cannot come off.

What instruments have you created with your kids or do you and your children share a favorite song? Share with us on Facebook and Twitter!

Happy Saturday! What will you do with your kids today to fire those neurons?

Neon in the Nursery and accessories in 2014

Go bold or go home! Nurseries are packing in the action these days and bringing character to homes across America. Some trends from 2013 are spicing up nurseries in 2014 and 2014 is welcoming some new trends of it’s own. What are you planning to do with your wee one’s first home? What have you done in the past? Whether you have some ideas or not, we’ve put together a list to inspire some colorful creations of your own.


Stripes, stuffed animals, rugs, and fun accents including colorful furniture can add a splash of character to any nursery. Whether you like to keep it simple or channel your inner home decorator, simple additions from a mobile to a colorful rug can take a nursery from traditional to bold!

Other nursery design trends include redefining neutral colors. Gone are the days of the standard black, white or crème for neutral colors. Try black with blue undertones like navy or instead of starting a wallpaper overhaul, consider wall decals like metallic stars, animals, or anything to fit your theme. Another design trend going strong from 2013 to 2014 is chevron. A bit trendy, a bit hipster, and a bit classic, chevron can be used with nearly any color scheme for a little punch!

How are you planning to decorate your baby’s nursery? Share with us on Facebook and Twitter!