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Must-haves for Newborn Multiples!

Preparing for one baby can be an overwhelming task on its own, but preparing for multiples? Don’t worry because Baby Trend has the tips and lists to help inspire preparation and welcome your newborns.

 Checklist and Check it Twice

Once babies arrive, your time will be spent caring for them so it’s best to spend your time now preparing for what’s ahead. Here is a checklist of items from to consider:

1.     Select a Stroller

Your mobility will depend on having an excellent and functional double stroller. A double stroller with up-to-date safety standards and plenty of storage space for you to place those numerous diapers and binkies is a must! Don’t forget stability. If you want to get somewhere and let sleeping babies lie, you’ll need a smooth ride like the Snap-N-Go® Double or Sit N’ Stand® Double Stroller.

2.     Choose Names

It’s never too early to have some names in mind, especially with the hubbub to ensue once the babies are born!

3.     Prepare Siblings

Are the twins an addition to your growing family? Twins will definitely bring some change to their big sibling’s life. Prepare your children with expectations so that everyone’s needs are met.

4.     Set Up A Nursery

Where will your twins sleep? Will they share a room? There are many clever ideas for decorating a nursery for twins, but at a bare minimum you should invest in at least one crib for the babies. They can share one at first, but eventually they will each need their own.

5.     Arrange for Help

Don’t feel bad asking for help, when you have more than one baby at once, help will be much needed! suggests that help can come in many forms, from full-time hired childcare to volunteer assistance with chores and meals. It’s never too early to consider what kind of help will be most beneficial to your family and begin the process of making arrangements.

6.     Attend Classes

Whether your first or your sixth, childbirth can always come with some unexpected occurrences. A childbirth class, along with a tour of the hospital or facility where you will deliver, will help prepare you for the big event. Many cities offer classes specific to multiples.

7.     Stock Up!

You may need to start thinking in doubles. If you’ve already had one baby, get double the amount for your new set of twins, including diapers! Stock up on diapers so you always have clean and peaceful babies.

8.     Announcements!

Baby announcements are always fun, and with twins it’s doubly so! Find fun twin-themed or multiples-themed announcements and share the joy!

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Looking at Proper High Chair Safety Usage and Tips

We all hope dinnertime is as it appears in the movies with a feast ahead of us and light music playing in the background. In reality, it can be hectic especially when the baby of the family decides to play with their food more than eat it! Here are some high chair safety tips to ensure that everyone has a scrumptious and mess-free dinner in the security of their seats!

 High Chair Safety Tips has provided some safety tips when using a high chair:

  • Make sure the high chair you use cannot be tipped over easily.
  • If the chair folds, be sure it is locked each time you set it up.
  • Whenever your child sits in the chair, use the safety straps, including the crotch strap. This will prevent your child from slipping down. Never allow your child to stand in the high chair.
  • Do not place the high chair near a counter or table. Your child may be able to push hard enough against these surfaces to tip the high chair over.
  • Never leave a young child alone in a high chair, and do not allow older children to climb or play on it because this could also tip it over.

Another tip to keep in mind is that it may help to establish a routine of using the high chair only for sitting down for meals.

Find the Right High Chair

When buying a high chair, ensure that it comes with clear guidelines for how to use it. The Aspen LX High Chair in Mod Dot for example states that a child up to 40lbs. should sit upright and unassisted.

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Fun activities with the family pet(s) to get outdoor and active

Your faithful family companion is a great way to get your family out and about!

You can start with something simple like walks. After a few hikes or runs you can start adding in little exercises along the way for a quick workout. Consider fitting in lunges, jogging intervals, squats, and so on while your dog takes a potty break. This is a great way to get in a simple workout. Maybe even challenge yourself by using your jogging stroller to run alongside your dog.

Use your dog’s need for exercise as an excuse to go to the park and play fetch! Visit a large park or field where your dog can go off-leash so you can throw longer distances. It’s a better workout for all of you! If you and your dog really love the Frisbee, you can get involved in “disc dog” competitions. Or there’s flyball, a team sport for dogs. Participants take turns jumping a series of hurdles, retrieving a ball, and running back over the jumps to return the ball to the start line.

Get Local!

If you want to be a part of your local community, grab your travel system and head to your local art walk or farmer’s market. These outdoor activities usually permit your dog to accompany your family. notes that outdoor art walks and festivals are a great place to bring little ones along, and it’s a great opportunity for exercise. Before you know it, you’ll have walked a couple of miles just by strolling the sidewalks and checking out the art offerings. also suggests taking the family along to do some community service. If you and your family enjoy giving back to the community and helping those less fortunate, consider enrolling your pet in a pet-facilitated therapy program. This program incorporates the use of dogs and other pets to improve the physical and mental health of patients with certain acute or chronic diseases.

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Did you ever think car seats could expire? Just like mattresses, phones, and other things we use everyday, car seats wear down with use over time.

Why do car seats expire? Car seats have an expiration date because overtime safety standards may change depending on new laws or vehicle re-designs. Also, over time there can be degradation of the plastic shell on a car seat or parts may lose their integrity or break.

The general recommendation for car seat usage is about six years; however each car seat’s lifespan is determined by the manufacturer.

Where to find the expiration date? Baby Trend product information can be found for various products on this FAQs page.

Baby Trend infant car seat/base information can be found on the underside of the car seat or bottom of the base. Recommended use is usually up to six years past the manufacturer date.


If your car seat is expired, and you are buying a new one, look for trade-in events at you local store, or cut the straps before throwing it out to prevent others from using an expired car seat.

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Staying Sane and Entertained

From restlessness to hunger, you’ve seen it all when travelling with newborns. How do you stay sane and keep things under control during your road trip? Here are some solutions to help you keep your cool.

By Plane

If you are travelling with your partner or friend, assign one child per adult. Dadsguidetotwins suggests packing a bag for each baby and handing that bag to the adult that is holding that twin. Since you’ll have your hands full with a pair of newborns, check all the luggage you can. You can even check your car seats. Many airlines have large plastic bags that you can hold a car seat to protect them from dirt and damage during transit. On that note, if you’re using a double stroller, you can check that at the gate, right before you get on the plane as well.

When on the plane, make sure your twins have something to eat, drink, or suck on during take off and landing. This will help alleviate any pressure in the ears and will prevent extended pain-induced crying fits.

By Car

After you’ve decided where to go, it’s helpful to do a “test trip” a few weeks before your planned trip. A “test trip” could be putting your newborn twins in the car and driving to a location about two to four hours away, and then returning home the same day. This will help you get an idea of what to expect and what you can do to improve your travel preparations! suggests planning the trip around the twins’ sleep schedule, “Most babies fall asleep in the car. In the twins’ early days, if you can travel at night—beginning your journey right on schedule with the babies’ bedtime—they will easily fall asleep in the car. You can also plan your departure around a nap time and make a rest stop at about the time they should wake up.”

Since things can get lost during travel and preparation is key, it’s best to prepare all the food. Consider pumping your breast milk if you breastfeed or put together a few bottles of formula beforehand. An extra bottle drying rack, bottlebrush, pacifier or whatever else your twins need might also be helpful.

Speaking of preparation, don’t forget to stock the car ahead of time. Fill the tank with gas, load up on drinks and snacks for the adults, and have the car packed and organized before putting the twins in the vehicle.

If possible, have cribs waiting at your final destination, or carry easy-to-carry playards for nap times if you have a pit stop.

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