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Fall is around the corner which means babies are cozying up closer than ever. Here are some Baby Trend nursery centers, strollers, car seats, and more that parents are loving as we transition from Summer to Fall!

Supernova Nursery Center.


The Supernova Nursery Center is the chic way for your baby to enjoy the day, get their diaper changed, lull off to sleep, or play! With wheels that make it easy to move and a removable full bassinet, the nursery center easily adapts from room to room. The nursery center features a one-hand locking mechanism helps keep it in place while large wheels with brakes further ensure its security. A flip away changing table makes it easy to take care of your baby wherever you are and a travel/storage tote bag makes it easy to carry the nursery center wherever you go!

To keep things interesting, the Supernova Nursery Center also has electronic features such as a nightlight and mobile.

Baby Trend Euro Ride Travel System - Cocoa Swirls


The Baby Trend Euro Ride travel system has a car seat, seat base, and a stroller. The stroller is LATCH-equipped for easy installation and has a 5-point harness system with padded harness covers. A peek-a-boo rotating canopy shields your baby from the sun and wind. Foot-activated dual-rear parking brakes and easy-locking wheels give you complete control over the stroller. A storage basket under the seat is perfect to keep toys and baby essentials close by and comfort-grip handles are easy on your hands. This travel system is built on a lightweight yet sturdy steel frame and can be folded for easy transport.

Baby Trend Sit N’ Stand Ultra - Liberty


Put Baby in motion inside this Baby Trend Sit N’ Stand Ultra in Liberty fashion stroller. Get outside, go for a walk in the neighborhood, or a stroll in the park, all in the company of your cute little-one. Parents can stay hydrated on the go with dual cup holders, and find convenience and comfort in the under seat storage and ergonomic handle. Keep baby secured with a 5-point safety harness, foot-activated dual-rear parking brake and locking wheels. Let your baby rest in comfort with the reclining seat, rotating canopy, easy access to drinks from the 2 built in cup holders, and front-wheel suspension for a smooth ride.

How are you transitioning into the fall season with Baby Trend?

We would love for you to share your new pieces or essentials with us on our Facebook Page or our Twitter!

Hear the drum roll? It’s that time again! Top products on the month! Below is a list of some of the hottest Baby Trend products that parents are loving. What are you loving this month?

Bear Bouncer


The Babies R Us Bear Hug Bouncer provides the ultimate in infant comfort. The bouncer includes a plush sling seat and removable soft headrest for relaxed fun and a removable toy bar with 3 interactive toys, including a rattle and 2 crinkles. The electronic music center plays 5 gentle melodies and 3 soothing sounds and offers 2 volume controls and 1 calming vibration. The cradle seat is machine washable. Require 3 C batteries(not included).

Expedition ELX Travel System—Everglade


The Baby Trend Expedition ELX Travel System Stroller in Everglade is the answer to all your active daily needs. This all-terrain jogger will take you wherever you need to go in style. The Baby Trend Expedition ELX Travel System in Everglade comes complete with the Baby Trend Flex Loc Infant Car Seat, an industry leader in safety and ease of use. The Baby Trend Expedition ELX has an adjustable handle for parents of all size, a large storage basket, a large ratcheting canopy with peek-a-boo window, and a swivel wheel for extra maneuverability in stores or on a stroller. Locking the swivel wheel turns this stroller into a fully functional jogger and the 12 rear wheels help tackle any path. This model also includes the upgraded Baby Trend Parent Tray with two cup holders and a covered compartment for cell phones, but new this year is the addition of two mp3 speakers so that you and baby can listen to your favorite tunes.

Sit N Stand Ultra—Liberty


The NEW Sit-N-Stand Ultra accepts an infant car seat in either the front or back position for a more versatile way of traveling with your little ones. Includes two additional removable cup holders, and has all the great features of our traditional Sit N’ Stand

Daisy Cross Town Stroller


The Baby Trend Crosstown Stroller in Daisy fashion features plenty of space for your little one and all the necessary items you need to bring along. This stylish stroller offers comfort and safety, with features like the five-point safety harness to ensure your child stays safely in his or her seat, and an extra large shade canopy with a peek-a-boo window that offers shade on sunny days. A parent tray with two deep cup holders keeps items safe, and the red buttons on the handle allow you to adjust the height for comfortable strolling. Large wheels and independent rear brakes allow you to easily control the stroller, and a multi-position, reclining seat with head support provides comfort for your baby while strolling. The stroller is even car-seat compatible for convenience and can be combined with the Daisy Infant Car Seat to transform into a travel system.

Do you look for a specific design or color when shopping for strollers? Share with us on Facebook or Twitter, or even in the comments below!

It’s nice to be able to take a moment for ourselves, from our loving kids and enjoy a meal by ourselves or just get gussied up. Sometimes, we get those chances in life when we have can enjoy more than a moment…yes, I’m talking about a weekend getaway! Alright so even if your kid or baby has to come with you, you can still make it a relaxing trip. Don’t believe us?

Your Weekend Getaway Starts Now

Grab your bag and watch your fun weekend unfurl. The trick to enjoying your weekend getaway is knowing what to take with you.

  1. Face Wipes
    It’s so easy to get ready when you can wipe your face clean in seconds or less. After some time with the family in the sun or sweating it up jogging through the park with your snazzy jogger, take out a wipe (the ones that come in resealable pouches are the easiest to travel with) and your sweat is gone in a flash.

  2. Moisturizing Spray
    A simple and light moisturizing face mist can help replenish your skin after a long day with the kids or even traveling to your destination via plane, car, or train. A refreshing mist will work as a pick-me up and help stay away from that long-travel-sticky-skin.

  3. Heat Protectant Spray/SPF Lotion
    You may not think about your hair when going out in the sun but a heat protectant spray that is often used before applying heat to your hair can be a great spray to have on hand. If you plan on going to the beach or a hot and dry location, a quick spritz of the heat protectant spray followed by a comb can help keep you strands conditioned and safe.

    Speaking of heat, don’t forget to pack some sprayable SPF lotion. Instead of having to put on thick lotion in the heat, simply spray it on. It’ll be useful for the rest of your family too!

  4. Clothes?
    Yes, clothes! Dresses are the BEST packing buddy because you can pack as many as you want. Instead of packing 2-3 pieces for one outfit, packing a dress is an outfit all on its own.

  5. Face Makeup
    If you don’t want to go through a whole routine of putting on makeup, add a little color by brushing on some bronzer. This not only helps contour your face but it adds depth and color, especially if you pair it with a swipe of some beautiful blush.

    Have some time away from the kids to enjoy the town with your grown-up loved ones? Kick your makeup up a notch by adding a quick color to your lids and blending it in to create a smoky look.

You don’t need much to enjoy some time with your kids or even on your own! Although we only started a small list of things that can help you enjoy your vacation a little more, be on the lookout for travel friendly baby gear to help ease your travel woes.

What is your MUST-HAVE travel accessory? Share with us on Facebook or Twitter, or even in the comments below!



Last week we covered beauty from the outside in, using makeup and tips on how to feel better with a dash of lipstick and a brush of blush. This week we will go into how to feel good from the inside out! Sleepless nights can wear on the skin and on our bodies which can often lead to unhealthy meal choices.

So what can you do to retain that pre-baby glow your skin had? Try new foods that are enriched with vitamins and nutrients. Nutritious meals can be easily prepared ahead of time when baby is sleeping or when you slip away to enjoy some kitchen time.

Great Foods For Glowing Skin

  1. We’ve all heard how great fish is, but do we know how? Salmon is filled with omega-3 fatty acids that keep your skin oil levels in check helping to reduce breakouts and add glow to your skin. WebMD also points out that omega-3s can boost heart health and lower triglycerides—those nasty fats.

  2. Are you nuts about nuts? We sure are. Nuts like walnuts and pistachios are a great way of lubricating the skin from the inside, out. Walnuts especially nourish and moisturize the skin protecting against dryness. Another skin hydrator? Avocados! Who knew those mushy green fruits could be so filled with natural oils, vitamin C, E and other anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties? All around goodness. 

  3. Water! I know what you’re thinking: duh! Remembering to drink enough water can be hard, especially when we’re spread thin. Water hydrates your vessels, especially under your eyes so those dark circles will be less prominent with each drink from your water bottle.

Mix those ingredients into a quick salad or a sandwich and you’re good to go! Having cooked ingredients prepared beforehand can save a lot of time when it comes to actual preparation. If you are used to having your baby near you, consider putting her in a bouncer or a high chair nearby so she can learn from your speedy cooking ways.


What is your most favorite nutritious food? Share with us on Facebook or Twitter, or even in the comments below!



                                      Gearing Up For September Safety Month


September 2012 is Baby and Child Safety Month! Let’s all get together and educate each other and other caregivers on the importance of child safety.

Raising a child takes care and knowledge to ensure they are raised in the best environment possible and both new and experienced parents can attest to that! This upcoming month will be a great month for all sorts of parents to share their experiences and learn from professionals who will provide tips and best practices when it comes to
traveling with your baby, jogging with your baby, or simply hanging out.   

Stay Tuned with Baby Trend for Upcoming Tips and Giveaways in support of Child Safety!

Please feel free to share your thoughts on child safety in the comments below, pin photos of you baby to Baby Trend, or share with us on our Facebook, and Twitter! And check out Babytrend.com to be inspired by some cute baby photos!