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April showers bring May…babies! With gender reveal parties increasing in popularity, why not plan a fun way to spill the news? Whether you’d like to host a fun affair for couples, families, and friends or are looking for a creative scene for a photo be sure to enjoy this joyful moment.  

Here’s some inspiration to get your creative juices flowing!

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Ways and Examples for Taking the BEST Baby Photos


Kids and babies are the best subjects in photography! Aside from being adorable, young subjects are natural with unbiased emotion helping the photographer take the most organic pictures possible. Some of us parents however, are more comfortable with our camera phone than a real camera and are better off drawing stick figures than snapping photos.

Whether school started or is just around the corner, parents will be lining up to take photos of their kids as they head off to their first day of school! All is well and not to fret! The below tips will help you capture their cuteness to take your best photos possible:

  1. Who: Think of Your Subject

    Your subject is most likely a baby or a toddler no taller than three feet. Get down to their level to best illustrate their perspective and of course get a close up of that chubby cheeked face. The closer you get, the sooner you may realize that your baby prefers
    their “good side” to be shot. Play around with different angles and have fun with your baby with different poses as they play with their toys and blankets.    

  2. What…exactly are you taking a picture of?

    Are you taking a picture of your kids face, their feet, their hands…what exactly are you taking a picture of?  A blogger on brighthub finds that “taking close up photos of your baby’s face will capture more detail and emotion and will have lovely results.” Think of the specificities of your photo and your subject and focus on capturing its delicate nature and character.

  3. When: Note the time of day and the use of light

    Easily call yourself a professional photographer by creating beautiful photos with the right timing. By timing we mean, you won’t get a good photo 10 minutes before your kid’s naptime. Use natural light in the morning when your toddler or baby is most awake to get the best response of smiles and even cries.

  4. Where…are you taking your photos?

    Speaking of lighting, be sure to consider when you are taking your photos. If you are taking your photos outside in the middle of the day, try to keep your kids in good light and present their best side—when they want to have photos of them taken.

  5. Why…are you taking photos of your adorable kids?

    Because they are so darn cute! 

Kids grow up fast so be sure to capture them at all stages!

What is one of your favorite photos of your children?

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Picking Clothes for Baby-How to Suit your Girl or Boy

Our August series continues from naming your child to keeping them fresh and current with the latest styles.  Some kids are born with no care for fashion at all while others kick you in the belly while still in the womb for wearing mismatched clothes! Either way, it can be fun to dress up your baby, toddler, or older kids as they get ready to go back to school!

Budget Friendly Fashion

For those parents interested in fashion for their baby: you may have a lot of onesies stocked up alongside newborn clothing either as gifts from your family and friends or a really excited shopping spree.  However, as your baby grows out of the newborn clothing, the excess clothing will become useless! Try exchanging some of the newborn clothing for larger sizes. This not only prevents you from limiting your baby’s style to what you have but opens the doors for many more opportunities of fashion!    

Tips from Toddler Fashion

It may seem like your toddler doesn’t give a hoot about their style but it’s their personality that makes what’s on their skin a statement piece. Mismatched or well put-together, whatever your baby feels most comfortable will let their personality shine through and of course, play-around in, is the perfect ensemble.

Another thing with toddlers is that certain styles, never run out of style. Ever see a baby in a stroller wearing a “Beatles” shirt as a tribute to their favorite band? Sure they wear the shirt but they have no idea what the “Beatles” are! Your little toddler and kids are extensions of your style sometimes so keep it fun and make retro the new modern-chic.

Make Going Back to School Fun

Did you layout the clothes you were going to wear the night before your first day of school? With your backpack filled with fresh new notebooks and pencils, the start of the school year was just as fun an adventure as summer was all along.

To stay on top of trends, sites like sheknows.com and parents.com offer some great ideas of what’s new and “in” with direct links for where to buy fashionable clothes. 


In fact, according the parents.com, the four back to school fashion trends include:

1.      Bright and bold colors

  • Help brighten up the day and add liveliness to what can be a drab classroom atmosphere
  • Add color to an outfit directly through their clothes or maybe with a colorful lunchbox or pencil case!

2.      Rocker Chic!

  • Adding a different sense of style to your little rocker can make them feel like themselves and express their personality through what they wear

3.      Country Singer

  • The country life can be sweet and simple just like your school-ready kid. Western boots, and comfortable jeans paired with a plaid top can be comfortable and weather friendly!
  • Girls can rock plaid dresses or even floral skirts to express their sweetness through their fashion

4.      Animal Print

  • …is the new black! Animal inspired looks will add that little touch of wildness that every child has hidden deep inside of them. Animal print can also be a great way to add texture and color to an outfit.

Making the use of fashion into a bonding period with your kids will help you learn their personality and understand who they are. Fashion is not only fun to play with but it’s a great way to grow with your child!

What was your trademark fashion?

Please feel free to share your style in the comments below, pin to Baby Trend, or share images of your stylista kids with us on our Facebook, and Twitter! And check out Babytrend.com to be inspired by some awesome color palettes!


Why do babies laugh at strange noises and things?

Why is it that babies laugh at the weirdest things? 

A mother blowing her nose sets a baby off on a laughing tirade with what at first seemed like a frightened face. Another baby above laughs hysterically when his Dad rips paper.  Where do babies get their sense of humor from, when do they start laughing, and why do they laugh at the darndest things?

The Science Behind A Laugh

Cynthia Dedrick, Ph.D, contributes to a question about baby laughs on Wiki Answers, “studies prove that babies are not born with a sense of humor, but mimic from their parents or those around them.  It’s advised to start teaching your child early to laugh and to slowly learn a good sense of humor.  Stats prove that families with a good sense of humor have a closer relationship with one another and often can resolve serious problems in the family far easier without arguing.”  

All great news! Laughing means a more peaceful family.  How to go about laughing with your baby then? Here are some games you can play with your baby when on the go that are sure to put a smile on their face. Is baby out with Daddy? Not to worry, there are games both Dad and your baby will love.

A simple game that nearly everyone has played with a baby, and even a dog is peek-a-boo.  Why do babies laugh so much when you hide your face behind your hand? You are doing it right in front of them but for some reason they can’t comprehend where you went. The scientific term for this phenomena, object permanence, means that objects continue to exist even when they are out of sight.  When you cover your face, you’re out of sight, and it’s as if you’ve disappeared!

Raspberries Are More Than Fruit

Many babies seem to love when their mom or dad blow raspberries.  That unseemly noise is enjoyed by babies, and even adults! This sound, and reacting to it is a great developmental milestone that occurs soon after your baby grasps some essential language skills. Believe it or not, blowing raspberries is more complex than it seems and it’s probably why babies laugh at it so much!   

What strange thing does your baby laugh at?

Please feel free to share here in the comments below, on our Facebook, and on our Twitter!


Wiki Answers


Fun, silly games to play with your baby to aid development

Go to your local coffee shop and you’ll see mothers and their toddlers both with iPads in their hands.  Toys and games went from tree houses and binkies to playing with virtual toys on an electronic tablet. Oh, how times have changed.

According to New York Road Runners (nyrrf.org), almost 25% of children do not participate in any free-time physical activity.  Although activity among children seems to have decreased, games have become more developmentally friendly and brain-cell engaging.


Parents can use their e-tablets or even just their hands to play games with their baby to aid their development.  Also, be sure to consult your pediatrician for best advice.  

Light the Torch

Let the games begin with something small and something fun.  At first, newborn babies don’t seem to want to do much of anything but eat and poop. Their brain cells are continuing to develop and their neurons are slowly but surely making connections.  Playing developmental games with your baby at any age can help prime those neural pathways. 



Peek-A-Boo is a simple game that babies seem to love. When you hide behind your hands after they see your face, your baby literally thinks you’ve disappeared.  This is because babies are unable to psychologically grasp the concept of object permanence. Object permanence is the understanding that objects exist—can be seen and heard—even after they are long out of sight. From about birth to two years of age, babies do not understand this. Don’t let this stop you from playing with your baby, they love this game!

Lights, Camera, Interaction!

Go ahead and let your baby’s curiosity guide you.  Does she veer toward colorful objects? Shiny things? Take your baby’s cues and hold objects she might be interested in about a foot away from her face.  Let her observe and stare. You might find something new yourself!

Toys and random things lying around the house aren’t the only things that can help a baby’s development.  Look into your closet to help your baby develop her tactile senses.  Have her feel your clothes and even go outside to enjoy the sun by letting her observe at the park or even touch the grass. All while keeping a close watch on your baby, of course!

Mirror, Mirror

Just like their inability to grasp object permanence, babies are unable to understand that who they see in the mirror, is themselves! From birth to three months of age, play with your baby by placing them in a nursery center or bouncer that has toys hanging from the top.  Talk to your baby and tap on the mirror to get her to look over.  She’ll soon begin to realize that the person in the mirror is her!

These are just a few of the hundreds of baby games you can play with your little one.

Look to the sources below for more ideas!

What are your favorite games to play with your baby?

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