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First time expecting parents rarely know what to expect. Here’s a list of gifts to help prepare them for the bouncing bundle of joy.

Baby Trend Inertia Infant Car Seat - Jester

Reclined more than a traditional car seat, the Inertia infant car seat promotes comfort and health so your child can breathe easy in a more relaxed position. It’s safe and secure and responds to crash forces by rotating more upright resulting in better force distribution.

Baby Trend Snap N Go Universal Infant Car Seat Carrier

The crowd favorite got even better! Now accepting more car seats, the Snap N Go is lightweight and easy to transport. Convenient with a one-hand fold and a large drop down storage basket, the Snap N Go is perfect to take with you…anywhere!

Baby Trend EZ Bouncer in Moonlight

Perfect to help soothe baby and reintroduce quiet into the home.

The Trend Bouncer provides the ultimate in infant comfort. Features include interactive toys, electronic music center and calming vibration.

Baby Trend Expedition EX Double Jogging Stroller

For those parents expecting twins or have children close in age, this double jogging stroller is the perfect family multi-tasker.

The Expedition Double Jogging Stroller features multi-position reclining seats, 5-point harnesses and large bicycle tires with a front swivel wheel that can be locked when you want to pick up the pace!

What are your go-to gifts for expecting parents? What do you wish you had received as an expecting parent? Share with us on Facebook or Tweet Us!

Summer has started and that means more outdoor fun. Here are a few of our more popular items that parents are lovin’ during the summer time!

Inertia Infant Car Seat-Horizon


The Baby Trend Inertia Infant Car Seat features all-new technology that redefines safety and comfort. Reclined more than a traditional car seat, the Inertia infant car seat promotes comfort and health so your child can breathe easy in a more relaxed position. It’s safe and secure and responds to crash forces by rotating upright resulting in better force distribution. It includes EPS energy-absorbing foam for state of the art impact protection and coordinates with the Babies R Us Paseo Jogging Stroller in Horizon (Item#: 847185).

The Baby Trend Inertia Infant Car Seat has a controlled motion base that installs in two easy steps, with push-button LATCH connectors. The controlled motion base features 4 recline positions to continue to keep your child as comfortable as possible as they grow. With no harness rethreading, 5-point safety harness and a height adjustable back, your baby is covered with ease. Our new and improved delta multi-grip carrying handle has a smooth, wide surface that helps you carry your child in comfort without worrying about the car seat pinching your arm or hitting your leg. The Inertia Infant Car Seat can be used for a baby from 5 pounds to 32 pounds and up to 32 inches. This Baby Trend Infant Car Seat in Horizon fashion includes a stylish boot for extra comfort and warmth for your baby.

Sit N’ Stand(R) Ultra Stroller-Elixir


The Baby Trend Sit N’ Stand Ultra in Elixer is perfect for families who have an infant and a toddler. A younger child can stay in front, while an older child can sit or stand in the rear. This stroller also can be converted into a travel system with the addition of a Baby Trend, or most other major brand, infant car seats. The versatile new function lets you place an infant seat in either the front or rear seating position, plus there are two cup-holders that can be placed in either the front or rear seating position. Its large storage basket allows you to keep your baby’s formula and milk bottles within reach, ensuring you stay organized and prepared. The swing away child tray with cup holders will rotate when you need to feed your child, ensuring that he has a solid platform to eat on, reducing spills. The rear wheels of the stroller come with independent brakes that prevent unintended accidents. Get the new Sit N’ Stand Ultra Stroller for your child and enjoy easy traveling anytime.

Snap N’ Go EX Universal Infant Car Seat Stroller

The Baby Trend Snap ‘n Go EX Universal Infant Car Seat Carrier allows parents to place infant car seat on carriage frame without removing their child. It’s a convenient alternative to a conventional carriage or stroller because it fits most Infant Car Seats, folds compactly for storage or travel with one hand fold and features an extra large storage basket.

Euroride Stroller Compatible with Baby Trend Infant Car Seats


This lightweight travel system makes it an easy-to-use and versatile option for those summer trips to come. Easily install your car seat into this stroller to make a quick travel system. With a 5-point safety harness and multi-position recline seating, your child will be safe and comfortable from vacation to vacation.

Trendz FastBack 3-in-1 Car Seat-Granite


Baby Trend Trendz Fast Back 3-in-1 Car Seat in Granite exceeds all US government standards. The car seat includes exclusive rigid LATCH anchors, 5 point safety harness, soft body insert, 3-position head support with EPS foam, one hand push button adjuster and 9 position Flex-sides with EPP foam. Also the three-position recline allows for proper fir and comfort. Plus the cup and media holders keep everything within your child’s reach. The convertible seat with built-in harness fits children 22 to 70 lbs; High-back booster fits children 30 to 100 lbs; Backless booster fits children 40 to 120 lbs.

What are your go-to summer essentials?

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How to prep and save for your soon to arrive baby

According to the Jacob Goldsmith theory, the world is separated into two types of personalities: Type A and Type B. Type A people are generally high-strung or prepared for a better term and type B tend to be easy-going and more laid back than those who fall in type A. Regardless of which category better fits you, there is a certain level of preparedness each type of person should meet as an expecting mother.

Meet the Minimum

Laid back or high strung, the following items will be perfect to get you on your feet and the least bit prepared. If you’re tight on a budget, you can still get everything you need. To get started, borrow clothes from a friend or even visit a consignment store! They’ve been loved but they are sure to be clean! Paying attention to things like Facebook contests on our Baby Trend Facebook page can also help you win some much needed essentials for your baby.  

If you aren’t sure how much of what to get for your baby, stock up on the minimum.  It might be tempting to stock up on a thousand diapers when they are on sale, but if it doesn’t fit your newborn, all you’re left is a fort built of diapers.  Other things you may not need until your baby is a little older are shoes. Socks can be fine at first but if you are jonesing for a pair of tiny cute shoes, quench your desire with one to two pairs.  That money can perhaps be better spent on something more necessary, like baby proofing your home! Baby proofing your home is something that needs to be in your pre-baby budget.  Not only will baby proofing save on possible medical expenses in the future, but it will keep your curious baby safe! Speaking of, did you know that 35% of parents of 0-2 year olds don’t feel knowledgeable? Don’t hesitate to talk to your doctor, friends, or members of your community to help stay informed!


Seek Transformers

Back to essentials. Every baby needs a place to sleep and a place to be changed. Buying something that can grow with your baby is the best investment an expecting parent can make. Buying a convertible crib like a deluxe nursery center can grow with your baby from a crib, to a playpen, and can even be used as a changing table. The same goes for another essential: the car seat. Getting a car seat for your baby that works for through their growing stages is another great investment, especially when you know your baby will be protected.  


Get More Of…

Although it’s best to stick to the minimum of things until you’re narrowed it down to what your baby likes and what complements your baby, there are a few things that you can stock up on.  Go to your local warehouse or grocery store during a sale and stock up on things like formula (if you plan on using formula) and wipes or towels.  The things you know your baby will burn through (other than diapers) should be well stocked.  It’s like keeping an armory of essentials and when something runs out at home base, it won’t take long to re-stock.

 What are you stocking up on most for your baby?

Please feel free to share here in the comments below, on our Facebook, and on our Twitter!



Aiding the Growth of a Premature Child


Life is organized into several steps of development.  Although gradual, experience has taught us human beings that life is more disorganized than not.  Even a doctors’ educated guess as to the due date of a baby can be at fault when baby comes sooner than expected.  Premature babies can grow up to be just a healthy as full-term babies but need a little more help playing catch up.

Basic Philosophy 

Erik Erikson, a popular child development researcher has done a plethora of research about developmental stages. He has two basic philosophies, one of which is:

The world gets bigger as we go along

To help babies continuously and happily grow in this big world, it’s in good nature for parents to have a basic understanding of what sets premature babies apart from their punctual peers.


Some of the more foundational aspects include motor development, behavioral cues, and touch, including infant massage.


According to babyfirst.com, a premature baby often has less muscle bulk and is usually “hypotonic”. This means her muscles are loose and floppy. It will often be hard for her to stay in a flexed position. Instead, she may end up with a more “frog-like” posture. Her trunk may look flat when she’s lying down, rather than rounded. With that in mind, careful attention should be paid to the development of the nervous system and such motor skills as smiling, sitting, walking, and positioning the muscles should be applauded.

The development of motor skills should not be a standalone achievement. Look for and aid speech and behavioral development consequently by creating an enriching environment.  Comfortable “toys” like a bounce chair or a high chair will aid with muscle development and brain development. 


Bounce chairs with amenities like hanging toys, mirrors, and even embedded speakers for music will grow your baby’s curiosity to aid them in our ever expanding world.


Also according to babyfirst.com, there are certain signs that your baby is ready to interact or may need a break. The following are cues as listed by babyfirst.com:

These may be signs your baby is ready to interact:

- Quiet, alert state. Eyes are opened and focused.
- Relaxed; not too stiff or limp.
- Arms and legs are tucked in. Hands are at mouth.
- Some smiling (by about six weeks corrected age), and eventually cooing.

These signs say “time out”; your baby needs a break:

- Looking away, glassy-eyed, stressed look
- Limp body
- Stiffening (pushing body out straight)
- Yawning, falling asleep
- Hiccups, spitting up

Lastly, as mentioned in a post about infant massage, the simple power of touch will not only be a great way to bond with your baby but will be a soothing experience where they are able to look around and make contact with other people and things around them.

The aforementioned is just a tip of the iceberg as to how your preemie may need extra information.  Be sure to contact your baby’s pediatrician for appropriate developmental needs and use informative tools for education. The following links provide some great information about preemies: